Carmen Yasmine Abd Ali considers the projects she produces as opportunities to delve into the intimate aspects of human experiences. She is convinced that understanding individual narratives help to gain insight into global phenomena and foster connections between diverse communities, in a world where empathy and sensitivity must, she believes, be revalued. Carmen Yasmine Abd Ali’s work explores the themes of identity, migration and social constructs. Her work is a a work of individuals, encounters and connexions. She aims to go into the intimacy of the lives and places approached to better share them, and to create a bond with the participants in order to amplify their voices and experiences with understanding. In a documentary and artistic approach, she likes to use different mediums to make her stories immersive, especially through sound recording.

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Carmen Yasmine Abd Ali is a photographer and storyteller based in Senegal who works around the West African region. After a degree in Journalism and a D.U. in Documentary Photography and Transmedia writings, she started her career in 2019 working as a freelancer for AFP (Agence France-Presse). Since then, other frequent collaborations have emerged with the international press who call upon her for commissions, especially with The New York Times, Der Spiegel or The Washington Post. At the same time, she produces long term personal projects that are exhibited or published, and works for different NGOs, associations or companies for their visual communication needs.

After being part of the Hans Lucas Studio for 5 years, Carmen Yasmine has been a member of the Inland Stories collective for one year and is now independent.

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2021 – Designed as Maghreb Photographer of the year, series «Mbelha», Maghreb photography awards, Morocco.

2020 – Shortlisted at session#8 of the Mentor Prize with the series “Mbelha”, Freelens association, Festival Face à la Mer, Tangier.

2017First audiovisual prize with «Supercoop», Young reporter for the Environment, Teragir.


2021 – Official selection / “Rencontres Photographiques du 10ème”, series «Mbelha», Collectif Fetart, Paris, France.

2019Projection of images from elections in Senegal, Visa pour l’Image : International photojournalism Festival, Perpignan, France.

2018Exhibition of the series «Moroccan Spaces», Cultural meetings of Lespinassière, Emmaüs France.

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